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Biography of Denise Enan

Denise Enan, born in Egypt, began classical ballet at the age of four. Having had the opportunity to study with the dance teachers of the Russian Bolchi, she moved to Folkloric dance with the National Folklore Troupe of Egypt (Firqa Kaoumia). The female students in the troupe were taught Oriental Dance by Saneya Shawki, one of the best professional dancers from the famous Mohamed Ali quarters in Cairo. Denise quickly rose to become a principal dancer with the Kawmiyya, as well as being responsible for teaching the troupe repertoire to new members; counted among her students are prestigeous names such as Dawlat Ibrahim, Faten Salama, Freiz Sayed and Lubna Imam, among countless others. In addition to teaching the Kamoueia repertoire to the main troupe, she also trained may new students in the Folkloric Institute of Egypt. Denise and her husband Ahmed, who was also a principle dancer in the National Troupe, began establishing dance groups in four different regions in Egypt and in 1971 won first prize at the television National Competition in folkloric dance.

Denise and Ahmed have danced for many celebrities around the world including presidents, emperors, and kings. She has also performed in many international festivals throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

In 1975, after 14 years of dancing with the National Folkloric Troupe, Denise and her family moved to Canada. Wasting no time, she began passing on her knowledge and experience of dance and choreography by teaching classes and seminars across Canada. Denise has travelled the world over several times as as an acclaimed performer and workshop instructor.

Denise also currently teaches Egyptian folklore to children in elementary and high schools for performances in recital and television shows. She has gathered many devoted students that she has groomed and trained to become professional dancers.

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